Meeting The Neighbors

Moving can cause a lot of stress on your family and lifestyle. Along with moving your furniture and possessions and people, you must adapt to your new surroundings. Making friends with your new neighbors can often be one of the more intimidating parts of a big move. Here's how you can make it a little more comfortable. Find the “Common Ground” Find out where people gather and make a point to do the same. It may be a neighborhood pool, nearby park or library, or community center. Take some time to pay attention to the activities of your neighborhood. Do people stop to talk during a morning or evening walk? Do they sit on the porch at the end of the day? Notice their patterns and make sure you

Maximize Your Living Space

The real estate landscape is an ever-changing machine. Over the years, sellers, buyers, and homeowners of all kinds have started focusing on optimizing the space they have. Look up. Optimize your floor space by getting as many things as possible off of it. Installing shelves over doorways or along the ceiling line, or even installing built-in shelves can make a huge difference. The space above the cabinets in the kitchen are perfect for hiding empty boxes, unused appliances, and more. Lighten and brighten. The more light you let into a room, the more spacious it will appear. If you have access to natural light, take advantage of it with sheer window curtains. If not, be sure each room is w

Selling Your San Antonio Home? Time To Get Organized?

Each year, the HomeGain National Home Improvement Survey asks real estate professionals this question: What are the Top 10 things a homeowner can do to get their home ready to sell? Each year, the number one answer is the same: Clean and declutter. In last year’s survey, a huge 99% of REALTORS® named this the most important thing a homeowner can do to ready their home for the market. Agents even estimate that for every dollar homeowners spend on cleaning and organizing, they can expect a 403% return. With professionals recognizing the importance of this task, why do so many of us put it off? Get Started The hardest part of getting organized is getting started. We all tend to put these kinds

Look For These 5 Home Decor Trends in 2018

A new year brings the feeling of freshness and potential. And these feelings don’t just affect our personal resolutions. The design world is abuzz with 2018’s biggest trends. As usual, Houzz is ahead of the game when it comes to style forecasts. Based on the opinions of industry experts as well as the popularity of certain trends among its 40 million monthly users, Houzz compiled a list of the most likely interior design trends of 2018. 1. Kitchens in Color You can’t go wrong with the classic white kitchen, but designers expect 2018 to bring rich wood tones and neutral grays and blues to infuse the most popular room in the home with additional warmth. 2. Warm Colors Throughout Look for warm

Home Maintenance All Year Long

A home, when treated well, can be the best and most significant investment you make in a lifetime. However, maintaining your investment is another story. If you wait for things to break or need attention, you'll always be playing catch up - none of us like surprises. The schedule below is a handy guide for homeowners to use all year long.

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