How To Sell Your Home This Fall

Did you know that Fall is the second busiest time of year for home sales? Fewer homes are on the market than in the more popular Summer months, but buyers tend to be a little more serious as they look toward the holidays as a moving deadline. If you're looking to sell this fall, here are some tips. Create Some Curb Appeal Paint or stain your front door with a new contrasting color to help it stand out. Add seasonal plants near the doorway and weed your existing landscaping to make sure that visitors have a clean first impression of the home. Let Buyers See a Blank Slate Remove any personal touches - calendars, family photos, names on children's walls, to allow prospective buyers a chance to

An Organized Home Is Closer Than You Think

An Organized Home doesn't have to seem like a far-off fantasy! If it seems daunting just to think about tackling the clutter, we've got some steps that help break it down. Start With The Biggest Problem Take a moment to analyze the area of your home that gives you the most trouble or causes the most stress. Once you've tackled the biggest problem, you'll feel a sense of relief AND your other tasks will seem much easier to take on. Be Realistic About Time Unless you plan on staying up all night, don't start reorganizing your walk-in closet at 8pm or you could be going to sleep with a bigger mess than you started with. With each task you take on, set realistic goals and time limits so you don'

Fall Trends: Love Them or Leave Them?

You can tell a lot about trends in home and fashion from the trends on sites like Etsy, where customers can purchase homemade items in just about every category. According to Etsy and House Beautiful, here are the top trends you'll be seeing in home decor this fall. Which are your favorites? Which will you leave behind? Stained Glass This isn't your grandma's stained glass! The art form itself is growing in popularity again, and artisans are creating all sorts of unique pieces of art using this medium. And for good reason, too. Take a look at how the stained glass used in this entryway gives the space an added welcoming touch. Rustic Vibes Let's face it, even when you live in San Antonio, Te

7 Features Luxury Home Buyers Want

If you've ever wondered what features separate a luxury home and a conventional home, you've come to the right place. The definition of "luxury" is constantly evolving. High ceilings, expensive paintings, and ornamentation were once seen on every checklist, but things are changing. These days, luxury buyers want technology, built in extras, and an outdoor space fit for the whole family. Whether you’re buying an upscale home or updating your digs, here are a few things you can expect to see in any new luxury home. Top Notch Home Security All homeowners want to know that their family, home, and belongings are safe. Homes in upscale neighborhoods often attract unwanted attention and can be vuln

Stay Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for young and old alike, but it also presents plenty of dangers. With only a couple of short weeks before the big event, we want to remind all of our friends to keep safety a top priority! Here are some great tips, courtesy and The American Red Cross. Trick Or Treat With An Adult Children under the age of 12, children should always have an adult with them when trick or treating, especially after dark. If children are old enough to be without supervision, they should restrict themselves to familiar and well-lit neighborhoods and streets. Safety On The Sidewalk Trick or treaters should stay on the sidewalks at all times. If there are no sidewalks, walk fac

October's Home Maintenance Checklist

Happy Fall Y'all! Temperatures are just starting to drop, Halloween decorations are popping up all over the neighborhood, and your home is ready for a couple of little maintenance updates to keep things running smoothly. Just as we say every month, these little chores can keep your home in good shape so that you don't run into any costly or unfortunate surprises throughout the year. The most important tasks now are preparing your home for colder weather. Before you know it, you'll be ready to turn on the heater and cuddle up inside. To make sure your home is running efficiently, follow our checklist below.

October Gardening Tips

In San Antonio, October usually means lots of rain and the beginning of cooler weather, though we still have some hot spells ahead of us! As

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