10 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe While You're On Vacation

While many San Antonio residents are gearing up for a summer getaway, home security may be a low priority when compared to packing, planning, and organizing the family. But don't let an worrying about an unsecured home break your vacation focus. We've got 10 quick tips on keeping your home safe and secure while you're gone. 1. Ask Someone To Keep An Eye On Your Home Of course, asking a neighbor to check on things while you're away is a great idea, if you know your neighbors well and speak with them regularly. You can also ask a friend who lives nearby. You don't want to clutter up their Spring Break with too many tasks, but collecting the paper, mail, and watering plants is reasonable and ne

5 Places To Find Lone Star Luxury

Living in a state as big as Texas means you don't have to travel far to find yourself in the lap of luxury. We've collected 5 Lone Star Luxury Destinations - just perfect for a mid-summer weekend getaway. Lake Austin Spa Resort Conde Nast Traveler named the Lake Austin Spa Resort the #1 on it's list of North American Destination Spas. At the resort, you'll find world-class cuisine, spa treatments, and programs in a beautiful lakeside setting. Indulge in over 100 different spa treatments, enjoy pilates, yoga, and other fitness programs and facilities, two pools, and a private outdoor garden. Cibolo Creek Ranch South of Marfa, in the Chinati Mountains near Big Bend, guests can enjoy outdoor ac

Style Guide - Mediterranean

Summer sunshine has us longing for a day on the beach! If you're looking to bring that beachy feel into your own home, year-round, then look no further. We've got your Mediterranean Style Guide right here! What Is Mediterranean Style? If you've spent any time watching HGTV, you've probably heard the term Mediterranean as it refers to home decor and architectural style. Geographically, it refers to the area of the world south of Greece, Italy, and Spain, so the design look matches a lot of what you may see in this region. That part of the world is known for sparkling turquoise waters, vibrant and colorful flowers, and sunny beaches. Though each country is different, you can expect a rustic fe

Before You Plan Your Outdoor Living Area

Imagine stepping outside your home on a warm summer evening to grill steaks and enjoy a cool iced tea on the patio. Or inviting the boys over to watch the big game on your outdoor TV while the beers are kept chilled in your deck refrigerator. It’s a must have in many custom home plans, and for good reason! Even if you do not have plans for an outdoor kitchen, consider prepping for a future addition or improve your resale value by adding electrical, plumbing, and gas. These are low cost additions (when building) that will make your home more desirable down the road! Location: Determine your outdoor kitchen location first, keeping accessibility of sewer/septic in mind. Grill Placement: Sel

Creating A Home Visitors Will Love

Summer months often bring out-of-town guests for extended stays. If you've opened your home to visitors before, you'll know that it can come with awkward moments as you figure out how to share your space and your guests try not to intrude. Here are some tips for making the experience pleasant for both you and your guests. Plan Activities, But Don't Forget Downtime Your guests will naturally want to experience your town and neighborhood. Pick your favorite spots and plan for some adventures. But none of us like a day full of fun with no chance to rest. Set aside time when both you and your guests can relax at home and even take a nap. Share The "Secrets" Give your guests the information to ac

Your June Garden

Temperatures are rising this month, marking the end of planting season. You can still sow some seeds, especially in the beginning of the month, but our summer focus will be on maintenance. However, lots of nurseries will have wonderful plants on clearance and you can usually find some great deals. We've got some tips on keeping your garden looking lovely throughout the summer, but for a full and quite extensive list of tips, visit the blog at Rainbow Gardens. Tend To Your Bulbs and Flowers It's common to see leaves start to yellow around this time of year. If the foliage has turned yellow and fallen to the ground (or if it can be pulled off with no resistance) you can add them to your compos

Summer In San Antonio

There's nothing like summer in San Antonio! This city is always looking for an excuse to celebrate, and summer is no exception. If you're looking for some stay-cation ideas, look no further. We'll show you how to make the most of the Alamo City. Summer Events There's always a lot to do here in town! In June, celebrate culture at the Texas Folklife Festival (June 9-11), eat until you're blue in the face at the Nacogdoches Blueberry Festival (June 10), and head east for the Luling Watermelon Thump (June 22-25). July brings countless Independence Day celebrations, and music lovers can't get enough of the Cactus Pear Music Festival (July 5-9) in nearby Boerne. Theme Parks & Attractions Sea World

Your June Home Maintenance Checklist

A new month, a new season, and a new list of things to do around the home. Keeping up with your home maintenance can prevent problems in the future, saving you money on costly repairs. Don't neglect your biggest investment!

Hidden Spaces

At some point in childhood, we've all dreamed of a secret space - a concealed passageway, a hidden door to an undiscovered room. More and more, we're seeing grown up versions of these secret spaces appear in homes. Some homeowners want to hide away an unsightly room in their home, like a bathroom or closet. Some want a safe place for their belongings, or even a safe room in case of an emergency. And others want a private room or office for their own entertainment. If you're ready to custom build a home, adding a secret room is a definitely possibility. But if you're not ready to take that step, it can still become a reality in your existing home. Be Financially Prepared Creating a hidden roo

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