Creating A Bedroom That Inspires Better Sleep

We spend so much of our lives in the bedroom, but it's an often-neglected space when it comes to thoughtful home decor. But the fact of the matter is that the way your bedroom is decorated can have impact the way you sleep. Below, we have 5 ways you can improve your bedroom for a better night's sleep. Sweet dreams! Lighting Proper lighting is crucial to your sleeping habits. If your bedroom has lots of bright lighting, it can confuse your brain at bedtime, when it should be dim. One improvement you can make is to adjust your lighting away from bright, overhead bulbs, and white light. Instead, use secondary lighting sources, like lamps or recessed fixtures with yellow tones. Color If warm, ca

These Garden Trends Are "Growing" In Popularity

When it comes to your landscaping, you may not think of staying "on trend", but there are quite a few looks that are becoming more and more popular this year. As you'll see from these growing trends, the idea is to adapt to nature rather than force it to adapt to your needs and preferences. Extreme Naturalism Last year, the Alpine Society was the big winner at Britain's RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with a garden that embraced locally available plants and flowers and their natural growth. Just as the rest of the world races toward more organic elements in food, makeup, cleaning products, and more, so goes the gardening world. Edibles Piggy-backing on the Extreme Naturalism trend is the use of mo

New Construction Homes Are The Answer To Low Real Estate Inventory

These days, in such a hot housing market, we often hear our REALTOR® friends complain of low inventory - a shortage of houses for sale. Buyers are looking for new homes, but there are fewer sellers to be found. This is what is keeping the market strong. In fact, The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University recently reported that housing inventory in San antonio for the first quarter of 2017 is down a whopping 9%! Demand is high, meaning buyers have to compete for the best homes. The good news, is that new construction is the perfect solution to this problem. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), builder confidence is on the rise. More and more buyers are turning to

Love It Or Leave It? Design Trends for Summer 2017

You can't escape it - summer starts to hit San Antonio in late April and by mid-May, it's here to stay. As the weather changes, you may be looking for ways to introduce some carefree summer style into your home. We've got a few of the season's hottest trends - you decide if they fit your home and your tastes! Bright and Bold Colors Kiss gray and beige decor elements goodbye until the fall. Summer is begging for the brightest and boldest hues in home decor. Caribbean blues, exotic oranges, and enticing magentas are all the rage in the summer months. Whether you're brave enough to add these colors to the walls or more timidly buy some colorful flowers for the deck, the bright colors will put y

Your May Garden

It's May in South Central Texas. The weather is gorgeous and we're looking forward to poolside days and cool lemonade. While things are warming up, we may still see enough cool days (especially in the mornings) to enjoy the yard. As temperatures rise, you'll be concerned with watering. Water so that you apply an inch of water each time you water and then don't water again for a week. If it rains, don't water unless it was one of those whimpy rains that did nothing but wet the top of the soil. The soil should be moist and cool an inch down. Remember to observe watering restrictions. So, what should you plant in April? Fruits and Vegetables: Lima Beans, Snap Beans, Cucumber, Okra, Peppers, Pum

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a staple for custom homes in Texas. People seem to love joining their indoor and outdoor spaces to create an area that family and guests can enjoy. If you're ready to create your own outdoor space, you'll want to consider the following tips. WHAT'S ESSENTIAL? The first thing you should do is determine what items are necessities for your outdoor kitchen. A basic kitchen will need a grill or gas cooktop, refrigerator, sink, counters, cabinets, and a space to eat. Depending on your budget and style, you may decide to upgrade to a pizza oven, bar, or other extras. Think of your current cooking habits and use that as a starting point for what you'll need. As you desi

Where To Splurge When Building A Custom Home

Even if you're building a custom home to your exact specifications, you want to be smart about setting a budget. If you're wondering what's worth spending a little more on, you've come to the right place. STORAGE SPACE As you work with your builder on the features for your home, consider extra storage. Naturally, as your family grows and changes, you'll acquire more "stuff." Plan for extra closets, shelving, overhead garage storage, and other areas of the home that make sense for your family's hobbies and activities. You'll be glad to have the extra functionality further down the road. ELECTRIC OUTLETS This may not be on the top of your list as you plan your custom home, but think about how

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