The Perfect Wine Cellar

Whether you store your wine in an area of your bar or kitchen, in a labyrinthine passage beneath your home, or underground in your backyard, the conditions should be right for storage and maturation of wine. Here are some guidelines to get you started. 1. Temperature When in an environment 70° F or higher, wine will age more quickly, and if the temperature is much hotter, it will lose its flavor and aroma. Experts often say that 55° F is close to perfect, but you can stay within a 45° F and 65° F window. And just as heat is wine's enemy, so is frigid cold. Wine shouldn't be stored in your kitchen refrigerator for more than a couple of months. The lack of moisture could damage corks and allow

Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2017

A quick Google or Pinterest search on kitchen trends will turn up photos of all-white decor, granite countertops and natural wood. These have been popular looks for the last 10 years or so, but trends are changing, and we're here to tell you what to expect. Dark Wood Floors Especially with light cabinetry, dark wood floors bring a beautiful contrast bring a warm and inviting feel to your kitchen area. Tuxedo Cabinets Don't feel tied to one color in 2017. Mixing color palettes in your cabinetry is on trend for 2017. Take this term literally and go for black and white (as in the McNair Custom Home seen above) or choose a softer contrast like a soft gray and dark blue. Hidden Appliances More an

Xeriscaping 101

Xeriscaping is a term that means landscaping designed to withstand droughts and conserve water. The practice involves the use of native and water-efficient plants. Before creating a xeriscape, you'll want to analyze your existing yard and landscaping to determine which areas need the most attention. Where does water naturally gather? Which areas are naturally dry? You'll classify these zones into three groups: arid, transition, and oasis. These classifications will help you choose which plants are best suited for certain areas of the yard. Arid zones will typically be left alone and in their natural state. Oasis zones are typically closer to the house, where they may benefit from rainfall ru

Your February Garden

If you've been in San Antonio for a while, you know that February is the start of spring! In fact this year, the Moutain Laurels are already blooming and covered in bees, and we've even seen some bluebonnets popping up - and they're not usually here until April! If winter had been colder, this would have been a good time to replant any seeds that died during freezes, but our winter has been especially warm. We may still see some cold snaps ahead, so don't let the sunshine trick you into planting warm season vegetables. Instead, use this month to clean up your plant beds to prepare them for spring planting. It's also a good idea to spread some compost and mix it in to help with planting next

Making the Most of Closet Space

A clean and well organized closet can make or break your morning mood. No one wants to start the day surrounded by clutter. But getting there may not be as hard as you think. Here are four ways to make the most out of the space you have, no renovation required. Pare Down This may seem like an obvious choice, but the best way to start your organization project is to clear out what you don't need. Take a look at your wardrobe. Do you really wear everything you own, or are you and finding yourself keeping certain item s due to emotional attachment or diet aspirations? Keep what you like, but if items haven't been worn in over a year, it might be time to free up that closet space. Double Up To m

February Home Maintenance

When it comes to your home, waiting to fix problems when they pop up can lead to a lot of stress and financial strain. We've put together a list of monthly tasks that will keep you on top of home maintenance and cleaning so you can avoid frustration! All Over Touch up nicks and chips in wall paint throughout your home. You'll love the clean and fresh feel you get. Look for leaks, both in your roofing and in your plumbing, and check your foundations for cracks that can cause big problems when spring rains pour on your home. Fill holes in your drywall. Holes may turn into bigger cracks and cost you a ton for repairs. ​Test CO and smoke detectors and replace the batteries. These save lives, so

Let's Rodeo!

Are you ready to RODEO? Now in its 62nd year, The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo will run February 9-26 at the AT&T Center. The event draws over 2 million visitors every year and requires 6,000 volunteers! It has certainly become one of San Antonio's biggest annual events. As a spectator, you can walk the grounds, where there are plenty of activities for all ages, view the livestock, watch the rodeo itself, or take in a concert. Fan favorite attractions include the Cowboy Church, Wine Garden, Carnival, Petting Zoo, and Wildlife Expo. The San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. was established as "A volunteer organization that emphasizes agriculture and education to develop the youth of Texa

Out and About in San Antonio - February 2017

San Antonio is a great place to live. As one of the biggest cities in the nation, and the 2nd biggest city in Texas, you can count on lots of events and opportunities all year long. Below is a list of notable events coming up this month. There's so much going on - which events will you attend?

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