What Does The Color On Your Walls Say About You?

From moody blue to mellow yellow - we've all heard that color affects our mood and typically reflects our personality. So what exactly does the color on the wall say about you? And why are you drawn to it? RED paint is a color often chosen by people who have a passion for life! You are warm, energetic, and ready to take on the world. As red traditionally calls to mind power and drive, it is often chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive – or someone who would like to be! If you're looking to embrace your own strength and ambition, consider using red paint to inspire your mind toward these traits every day! Few people choose ORANGE when deciding on an interior color beca

Home Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed: Kitchen Edition

The future is now - at least it would seem so when you take a look at today's kitchen gadgets! From uber user-friendly ovens to smart water purifiers, these high-tech kitchen tools will change the way you work, live, and use your space. We've got five of our favorites listed below. Hiku Hiku is part magnet, part personal-shopper. Connecting to an app on your phone, Hiku allows you to scan food items when they're running low and automatically adds them to your grocery list. It's voice recognition software allows you to tell it what you need, in case you can't scan an item, and it's clever enough to connect itself to online stores to keep your wish lists exactly where you need them. Miito Has

10 of the Most Unique Pools You'll Ever See

The refreshing feel of cool water on a hot day can't be beat! These pools from around the world match that amazing feel with luxurious details and stunning views. Can you imagine cooling off in one of these incredible pools? The Hanging Garden Pool in Bali This double-decker infinity pool takes you right up to the edge of the Balinese jungle. The striking formation is suspended over the dense rainforest, giving swimmers the unique sensation of floating above the treetops. The Gold Energy Pool at the St. Regis Resort in Lhasa Guests at the St. Regis can relax in this bejeweled pool as they enjoy views of the lake at the resort and the Himalayan Mountains. Visitors are meant to use the pool fo

Keep Your Backyard Cool This Summer

As temperatures climb into the triple digits, we usually head indoors - especially here in South Central Texas. It seems a shame to avoid the outdoors on some of our most beautiful days - so here are a few tips on keeping cool when you're spending time in the backyard. Quench Your Thirst This Patio Cooler from Wayfair.com features a faux wicker appearance, extra storage, prep space, and even a drain tube for melting ice. If you're creative, you might want to check out this DIY project - a picnic table with a hidden cooler! Or, if you're looking for something a little more dramatic, Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek created the "Groundfridge", a walk-in refrigerator, meant to be buried in y

How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Grilling Paradise

Did you know that July Is National Grilling Month? If you've ever thought about building an outdoor kitchen, consider the following design tips as you make your plans: FLOORING: There are many flooring options when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. Consider options that are both stain resistant and allow for cleaning, as grease build up can become slippery and can also stain your surface. COUNTERTOPS: While dark stone counters look beautiful, they may get too hot in the summer outdoors when not sheltered by an overhead structure, especially in Texas. In general, dark stone absorbs heat during the day and may become difficult to work on where exposed to direct sun. COUNTER SPACE: Food prep fo

Home Safety Ideas That Won't Make You Cringe

If you have young children, pets, or even elderly family members in your household, safety is a priority. But it doesn't have to come at the expense of aesthetics. We've found a few ideas that keep your family safe without filling it with the typical white plastic that usually comes with home safety products. Pet and Baby Safety Gates These decorative mesh gates keep your pets safe in style. Find them at Frontgate.com. Pocket Doors ​ A custom-installed pocket door allows you to hide the gate out of sight when it isn't needed. ​You can see some beautiful examples of pocket doors at DecoratingFiles.com. For the creatively inclined, this DIY gate from Huffington Post keeps the look of your home

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