Before Building Your Custom Home...

BUILDING A CUSTOM HOME is an exciting process and a big undertaking. Creating your own abode from scratch takes time, patience and engagement, and many wonder where to start? Should you shop for a neighborhood? Maybe begin by looking at floor plans? Let’s talk about it... YOUR BUDGET The most important component to building a custom home is deciding on your budget. From the get-go, it is the single most important piece that drives your decisions throughout the building process. From discussing land, to project costs, and possible finishings, your construction budget will give you clarity when deciding which items on your “Want List” are most important to you and your family. PRIORITIZING

9 Things to Remember When Planning Your Outdoor Living Area

Imagine stepping outside your home on a warm summer evening to grill steaks and enjoy a cool iced tea on the patio. Or inviting the boys over to watch the big game on your outdoor TV while the beers are kept chilled in your deck refrigerator. It’s a must have in many custom home plans, and for good reason! Even if you do not have plans for an outdoor kitchen, consider prepping for a future addition or improve your resale value by adding electrical, plumbing, and gas. These are low cost additions (when building) that will make your home more desirable down the road! Location: Determine your outdoor kitchen location first, keeping accessibility of sewer/septic in mind. Grill Placement: Sel

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