Unveiled! How to Add a Secret Room to Your Home

According to Realtor.com secret rooms are surging in popularity in homes across the country. You walk into a study and see a full bookcase on the wall in front of you. Only books? I think not.... should you pull out a book titled, "Chemistry" the bookshelf swings to reveal a safe room. What was once only in the movies has become a very poplular new home trend across the country. Elisa Morgante, an architect and co-principal of the Chicago-based architectural firm Morgante Wilson Architects, says, “Secret doors have definitely become more popular in the past few years.” According to Travis Humble, lead designer of Creative Home Engineering in Gilbert, AZ, over the past two years passage

Tools for Back to School

School will be back in session in a couple of weeks. There are thousands of families who lack the funds to provide their children with adequate school supplies. Join McNair Custom Homes in supporting this cause! Here are some ways you can help - While your out, consider buying some supplies to donate - Running out of time? Make a monetary donation - Conveniently drop off supplies at McNair's Model Home (near Blanco & 1604) August 22nd-23rd | 12:00pm - 6:00pm Gardens of Greystone Model Home 19511 Brooke Place - San Antonio, 78258 Click Here for a list of supplies needed and/or organizations making a difference. All supplies and/or donations brought to McNair Custom Homes directl

Pet Washing Stations

We all love our furry family members, but bath time can be quite the mess! Utility sinks are great solutions for smaller dogs, but how about the German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers and other large dogs? Considering a solution to this while designing your McNair Custom Home will make bath time less of a chore for you and your four-legged loved ones. The laundry room is a great place to design a functional space for your pets. Which of the following dog washing trends would be best for your custom home? by bathtubsforpets.com According to Bath Tubs for Pets, step-in tubs are deeper from tub rim to tub bottom than standard tubs, so the tub bottom is closer to the floor. Your dog c

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