2014 Winter Holiday Design Trends

‘Tis the season for holiday entertaining. Icy shades of glistening white, sophisticated naturals and dazzling rhinestones top the hottest design trends in tableware and collectibles for the 2014 winter holidays. “Shades of white continue to be a customer favorite, both in ornaments and tabletop,” says visual designer John Griffith. “For the past few years, holiday decor has hinted at glitz and glitter, but this season we’re seeing more of a jeweled look with glamorous winter white designs heavily encrusted with rhinestones. It reminds me of when you wake up after a winter storm and everything is coated in sparking snow and ice.”Griffith leads the design team at dinnerware retailer giant, Rep

5 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

What are you thankful for this season? Your loved ones? Your health? Your possessions? You probably have plenty of reasons to feel thankful but in your community and around the world there are others who may not be as fortunate, and need the help of those willing to give, especially during the holiday season. So if you’re ready to give back this year, here are 5 ways you can help people in your local area and beyond. * Donate or organize a clothing drive. Cold winter temperatures and blistering winds aren’t so bad when you’re safe behind a warm jacket. Unfortunately, many people do not know the joy of having adequate clothing. You can help by contacting your local church, community center or

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