Working With McNair Custom Homes... A Few Homeowner Stories

A testimonial is an expression of appreciation when a customer has been provided the type of service that meets or exceeds all expectations. McNair Custom Homes is grateful to have worked with wonderful families who enjoy sharing their stories and thoughts about their McNair Experience™ .


Our Feature Family

We have been in our McNair Custom Home for eight years and still love being here.  This is our 4th home and from start to finish to post-closing the service from McNair Custom Homes well exceeded our expectations.  Each member of the McNair team worked to help us get the results we wanted while being budget conscious.  With one of our family members needing wheelchair accessibility, we really appreciated the wider hallways McNair already includes in their designs.  In addition to meeting our needs it gives our home a “grander” feeling.  What happens after closing is just as important as what happens during construction and McNair has the best customer service!  This is one of the many reasons that if we build another home in Texas, we hope it will be a McNair Custom Home.  With our deepest gratitude, we thank you for a wonderful, personalized experience. Our home is beyond our expectations and we are so happy to be part of the McNair family of homes!


 ~Dr. James ("Chris") and Juli Henderson

Dear John...

We have built several homes and are quite familiar with the construction process. In all the years we've been in real estate, banking industry and construction; this has to be the best experience we've ever had. From beginning to end, things were handled in a professional manner and went smoothly. Everyone was wonderful to work with and we would build another home with McNair Custom Homes in a heartbeat! We truly love it and our new neighborhood. Thank you for a wonderful home.


Oscar & Liz


It was a pleasure working with McNair over a warranty issue. McNair called the house every day to check on the progress of the contractors. The customer service was one of the best I have ever seen. They showed a sincere interest in our situation and us and did their best to correct it in a timely and professional fashion. I doubt other homeowners that purchased a home from other homebuilders get this type of service. This is what sets McNair Custom Homes apart from all other homebuilders in the area. In this day it's rare to see this type of service given to a customer. As a result, if there is ever anything I can ever do to help promote the sale of your homes, please call me.


Mike & Patricia


I don't often do this -- in fact, this may be a first. It has been on my mind for a while to write you a note to let you know how pleased we have been with our McNair home. Almost two years ago we purchased one of your homes in the Sonoma Ranch Subdivision. Due to company relocations, this was our 4th home in 8 years. We had previously built from the ground up and were not anxious to do it again. We searched high and low for existing housing, but at the end of the day we could not find anything to meet our needs other than an in-process McNair home. We gritted our teeth and made the decision to purchase a new home again. We have not regretted our decision.


This was evident by the one-year follow-up.  All of the needed repairs were minor and easily corrected. In addition, we found all of your employees and the sub-contractors to be highly skilled, professional and customer service oriented. We are seriously considering relocating within the San Antonio area in order to own an acreage lot -- one of our life-long dreams. This time we are not as concerned about building a home because we know that we can contact your company and receive the service and home features that we desire. If we build, it will be a McNair home!


Thank you for not only caring about the quality of your product, but the people who make your houses their home.