John McNair has built a reputation on bringing timeless value to families since 1978.  After bringing McNair Custom Homes to San Antonio, John's brothers, Michael and George, joined the company. Together, they are creating luxury custom homes with time-honored methods...It's The McNair Experience™.


John created McNair Custom Homes from a desire to provide homebuyers with a  building experience he felt they deserved.  He started this journey eager to personalize homebuilding for each and every homeowner.  It’s no surprise many of John’s best friends were his clients first...a natural result when the core of your business is getting to know who you’re building for and delivering what was promised.  The continued reward, for John, is seeing his clients' dream home come alive while ensuring the destination is worthy of the journey. 


McNair's focus today is the same as it was in the beginning:




It's more than a marketing motto -- it's the reality behind the success of McNair Custom Homes. 


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A Bit of Family History....


The McNair family have been proud Texas business owners since 1921. The logo featured here was Mr. McNair Senior's.