Building a Pool: Under Construction or Later?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in homeowners adding a swimming pool to their properties. Whether for relaxation or entertainment purposes, a pool can offer many benefits to homeowners. However, the question often arises – is it better to build a pool while constructing the home or add it later?

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We love partnering with Keith Zars Pools on so many of our homes, but sometimes a homeowner decides to wait (and we’d be more than happy to connect you with our favorite pool builder if you do decide long after you’ve moved in).

Benefits of Building a Pool While Your Home is Under Construction


Building a pool while your home is still under construction can save you money in the long run. Since the pool will be built at the same time as the home, the excavation and groundwork can be done together, resulting in lower costs than a separate project. Additionally, contractors may offer discounts for combined services, providing you with additional savings.


Deciding to build a pool while your home is under construction will save you from the hassles associated with construction. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any disruption in your daily routine since both projects will be carried out simultaneously, which can reduce the time and mess it would otherwise make.

Complete Control Over Model and Design

When building a pool while constructing a home, you have complete control over the design and layout of the pool, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. If you have any particular design or customization requests, accommodating them would be much easier while the home is still under construction.

Benefits of Adding a Pool Later

Flexible Budget

By adding a pool later, you can save up and plan your budget accordingly, making it more flexible. In addition, you will be able to ensure that you have enough funds to cover the project adequately without worrying about going over budget.

Less Stressful

Pool construction can be lengthy and time-consuming, and many people prefer to avoid dealing with various stakeholders while constructing their homes. By adding a pool later, you will not have to stress over the ongoing construction process.

Easy to Plan

Since the home is already in place, installing a swimming pool is relatively simple, requiring little disruption to your daily routine. Additionally, since the home’s construction is already completed, the pool installation will not affect your schedule around your moving-in plan.

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Considerations Before Deciding


Your budget is critical in making an informed decision for your pool addition project. Determining the amount you can comfortably afford will be helpful when choosing which option is best for you.


If you are in no hurry to have a pool on your property, you can plan to add one after you have moved into your new property. Conversely, building a pool while constructing a home may be advantageous if you’re looking to move in sooner.

Available Space

The amount of available space in your backyard will also affect your decision. If you have limited acreage, building a pool concerning its location and size may mean you have to think carefully about it.

Steps to Building a Pool

Consultation with Pool Experts

When seeking to build a pool, getting in touch with pool design experts to bring your vision to life is essential. These professionals are trained and experienced in designing, building, and installing swimming pools, which will ultimately help you make an informed decision.

Getting Required Permits

Building a structure as significant as a pool requires a proper clearance and permits from the relevant authorities. Getting the necessary permits from the local government or building authority is essential to avoid falling foul of the law.

Adding a pool to your home can help increase the value of your property, provide you with excellent entertaining space, and be a great way to relax and unwind. Whether you add a pool while constructing your home or later, the decision ultimately depends on your budget, time frame, and available space. Now that you’re more informed about the pros and cons of both options, you can decide to align with your needs, budget, and preferences.

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