Rev Up Your Home Appeal With An EV Charger

When you’re considering some of the options you want to add to your home, consider installing an EV charger (electric vehicle charger) in your garage so that whether now or in the future you (or the future owners of your home) can charge their vehicle.

Everyone loves technology in the home, and while EV chargers were once considered a rarity, they are becoming more and more commonplace as the science behind electric vehicles has accelerated at a rapid pace.

EV Charger

While an EV charger might seem extravagant now, they’ll be commonplace soon enough as folks tire of paying crazy gasoline prices and can afford to upgrade their vehicle to hybrid or electric models. Even the Tesla has become somewhat of a status symbol and you’re seeing more and more of them on the road every day.

Having an EV charger will give you the opportunity to eventually upgrade your car to a new electric (or even a electric-hybrid) model when you’re ready – but having the infrastructure already in place will make it a much easier choice.

While there is an ever-expanding network of charging stations across America, there’s no denying it takes much longer to recharge an EV than pour a few gallons in the tank.

Below are some tips on purchasing an EV charger if you believe it’s something you’d like to look into and perhaps put into your next home.

Do Your Research

There are single and three-phase chargers, each coming in three levels. So, the technology must meet your needs today or in the future (including those of a future buyer if you intend to move someday). Seek advice from professional installers with knowledge of electric vehicles.

Specialist Job

Thousands of electricians are now training to install recharging stations. That’s because chargers have a high amperage and are potentially lethal if installed incorrectly. So, plan an installation with a licensed electrician as there may be a waiting list. We of course know many electricians that are highly qualified and the job would be come part of the house build, so you wouldn’t need to go around interviewing potential installers.

Timing A Purchase

While it’s not essential, installing a charger before buying an EV might be a good idea. With the backlog of orders for most EV models due to supply chain issues, you may wait longer for your vehicle than a charging station.

Sunnyside Up

Many folks going down this path are also installing the latest solar energy panels so they can go off the grid. That means the energy for their vehicles comes from Mother Nature. Her prices stay pretty steady compared with utility companies!

Is It Worth It?

That depends on how much you use your vehicle and whether you charge during peak or off-peak times. If you take power off the grid, an EV is approximately 70% cheaper to run. Everyone’s situation will be different, so run your own numbers. There are quite a few, EV vehicle cost saving calculators available online.

Popular Purchase

You’ll most likely buy a single-phase Level 2 charger, which costs $900-$3,000, plus installation. It’ll charge enough in an hour to give you a 25 mile range. A three-phase charger offers a 100 mile range in the same time, but it’s more expensive. If you have to upgrade your switchboard to handle the additional supply, that’s an extra cost. Like most things, it’s best to install the best you can afford so that you will have the higher end (and faster) charging available to you.

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