Lawn Tips To Make The Neighbors Green With Envy

A well kept, lush lawn will complement any landscaping or improvements to the front of your home. But if your yard is full of weeds and wild grasses, you might undo all the other good work designed to maximize its value. 

Lawns require some diligent maintenance through the year, so it’s impossible to improve them overnight unless you completely re-sod the yard, but even this can be a quick and affordable fix. 

Lawn Tips

Below are some tips for maintaining your lawn so that it’s in pristine condition and it will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Lawns Are Not A Big Commitment 

Many owners let their lawn deteriorate because they believe it to be a lot of work with weed pulling and grass cutting. But you should use an appropriate weedkiller to stop dandelion, chickweed, and clover infiltrating the grass. Just make a regular time to apply it. 

Timing Is Everything

When the weather warms up, put a hose on your lawn at any time between dawn to 9am. Don’t water in the evening as it encourages fungus. And if you do this task in the heat of the day, a lot of the water evaporates before it reaches the grassroots. Don’t forget to follow local water restrictions as well.

Less Is More

In hot weather, don’t water your lawn every day. You should water deeply but infrequently, as this will strengthen the roots and reduce the risk of fungus.

Sprinkler Systems

These can be more effective than having you standing with the hose for 20 minutes. A sprinkler will not use more water but will ensure even distribution of the water.

Don’t Cut Too Short

Setting the blades too low on the lawn mower will kill the grass. Mowing short weakens the roots, damages the nutrient supply, and invites fungus and weeds. And short grass doesn’t mean you’ll mow less. Let the grass grow so it’s spongy underfoot, but keep it tidy. 

Fork Talk

 Many gardeners will tell you to aerate the soil, but that’s only necessary if the soil is compacted. If this is something you need to do, be aware that a garden fork is the most physically taxing way to get the job done. Investigate aerator shoes or a push wheel. Once finished, fertilize and seed your lawn for the best results. 

Take A Weather Check

If you’re going to fertilize your lawn, do it a couple of days before it rains so it soaks in rather than gets washed away. 


Scattering lime on your lawn is an occasional task that you’ll see many gardeners undertake – but be careful. You only add lime when the pH levels in your soil need adjusting. Too much lime will burn the grass, turning it brown. If you do use lime, make sure you test the soil first and go easy.

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