Create A BBQ Paradise At Home

As the weather warms up, our thoughts turn to the outdoors and dreams of sun filled days in the perfect summer garden. 

Planning a great outside entertaining area, or mapping out landscaping improvements, requires some time, attention to detail, and usually a bit of money. But if you’re looking for a real wow factor, then a high quality barbecue area or outdoor kitchen is an awesome choice.

BBQ Paradise

A recent survey found 60% of American homeowners improved the outside of their homes during the height of the pandemic. Many said they were unhappy with the layout of their garden or that they felt it was dated. According to the survey by Houzz, owners thought their outside areas were difficult for the kids to play in or were not welcoming to family and friends.

Here are some ideas to get your yard sizzling. 

Size Is Everything

Keep your renovation to a scale that suits the rest of your outdoor space. If you have a small garden, consider a linear layout against a fence line or wall, or an island bench. Those with more area can play with L- and U-shaped setups.

Importance Of Position

If you have a kitchen along a fence line, be aware that you’ll have your back to your guests when cooking. This is why an island design can be more popular if you can make it work for your space.

Be Prepared

Be satisfied that your design gives you sufficient space to prepare the food. Otherwise, you will be forced back into the kitchen and it may make the upgrade pointless.

Savvy Storage

Always plan for ample storage for barbecue and eating utensils. It’s another way to ensure you don’t need to constantly return to the kitchen. 

Cover Up 

Protect your equipment from the elements. Your solution may vary from canvas covers to additional roofing depending on the size of your outdoor kitchen.

Safety First

Always have a fire extinguisher located nearby for easy access in an emergency and use non-flammable materials for your project. Keep flames away from wooden fences.

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