Seven Jobs Around The House For Spring

If you can feel a hint of warmth in the air, then you’ll know Spring is upon us and there are a few tasks around the house that should get done now Winter is over.

Spring is a great time to undertake those irritating maintenance jobs that may be playing on your mind. It’s the time where you’ll not freeze to death or swelter in summer sun for the sake of cleaning gutters or fixing up the lawn.

Jobs Around the House

We know only too well the importance of ticking off maintenance tasks: problems ignored become worse and cost more to fix, but if you get out there now in the more temperate weather, you’ll complete each task in double-time and that’ll give some peace of mind too.

So, what should you be looking to do? 

Below, we’ve listed a bunch of tasks most homeowners should tackle now that Spring is upon us. 

Mildew Alert 

Wander around your property and look for mold and mildew – heading into Spring, we typically experience wetter weather and it’s good to keep an eye on any mold growth in flowerbeds or on walls. Keep things looking fresh and clean and prevent mold growth wherever possible. Seeing too much mold around your foundation could be a sign that the soil is too moist in this area.

Unwanted Tenants 

Check around the house for critters that might have taken refuge from Winter without paying rent. You want those uninvited guests out of there! 

Water Watch 

You should check the quality of drainage around your house. Sometimes, earth moves in heavy rains and storms. Make sure that water is not gathering against timber, brickwork, or your foundation, as that might cause serious long term problems.

Paint Your Problems 

The technology in paint these days is remarkable, but Winter can still give it a terrible beating. So, check doors and window frames for chipped or flaking paint. Fix that up now, and you’ll avoid a bigger paint job down the road or having to replace rotten wood around the house.

Lawn Care 

The grass in your front and backyard can suffer in Winter. Have a look for low spots where the rain from Spring showers might pool on the lawn. Fill these dips with good quality top soil and sprinkle some grass seeds. Alternatively, buy sod and lay it into those troublesome areas.

Get Your Garden Equipment Serviced 

Get in early! Don’t be at the back of the line to get your lawn mowing and trimming equipment fixed when the grass starts growing again. If your mower has died, consider an electric (chargeable) model. It’s amazing how they’ve improved over the past few years. They are easier to maintain, lighter to push, and more environmentally friendly. Get trimmers, mower blades, and hedge cutters sharpened or serviced too. 

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