Bring Nature Indoors With These Palm Tree Favorites

It seems that no modern home is complete without a strategically placed potted plant that brings the outdoors indoors. And these palm tree favorites will help you get that outdoor, natural feeling and help clean the air and bring more oxygen into your living spaces.

Embracing nature has become a major theme of many décor trends over the past 18 months. In magazines and online, you’ll often see a fern in a hanging basket that has been cleverly positioned as part of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. And garden walls are everywhere. 

Palm Tree Favorites

The new fashion for going white and neutral colors has popularized the return of the indoor plant because they offer a splash of color.

Avoid going overboard though, while it’s a nice touch in a bathroom or kitchen but only where space and practicality allows. The pot and surrounding area must be meticulously clean, or visitors to your home will only see soil spillage and water stains.

If you believe the addition of a potted plant or two will enhance the atmosphere of your home, here are some of our palm tree favorites that love the indoors and will make your home feel exotic. 

Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is possibly the most common palm in American homes. It grows slowly and rarely tops six feet indoors so it’s an ideal houseplant. 

Chinese Fan Palm

Another favorite, a Chinese fan palm features star shaped leaves perfect for large spaces, such as a living room. You should be able to track down a dwarf fan palm without too much trouble. They both grow well in direct light and won’t mind the shade.

Yucca Palm

The yucca palm has thick cane stems with sword like leaves. It won’t grow much higher than five feet and doesn’t mind if you forget to water it. It thrives in both sunlight and shade.

Sago Palm

A beautiful Japanese plant, it requires more attention than most indoor palms. In return for putting it in direct sunlight and watering regularly, it won’t grow more than three feet. 

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