Thinking About Hiring An Interior Designer?

How often are we told that we should start a remodeling project with a vision? 

It’s a common piece of advice that assumes we all have the ability to visualize in our minds precisely what we want. Yet, picturing the best way to use space or match colors is not a skill everyone possesses.  

Starting with a blank canvas can be intimidating, especially if you’re about to spend cash on new furniture and fittings.

Interior Designer

The ideal solution is to hire an interior designer. Their engagement might add a little more to your budget, but you’ll benefit from their skills and experience in creating wonderful living spaces without the stress, worry and expense of getting it wrong.

Be Clear on Their Role

A great interior designer will provide advice on furniture, décor, and color schemes for your entire home or a specific room. In a significant remodel, they’ll work with your contractors and they will most likely have preferred suppliers where they know they will find the materials they need. 

Choose Someone Qualified

Always hire a qualified designer. They should be genuinely interested in you and your family, your lifestyle aspirations, and your ideas. Avoid anyone who pushes the latest trends regardless of the preferences you’ve expressed. This is your home and you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a stranger’s house at the end of the project. 

How to Hire

Seek out recommendations from trusted friends and family to begin your search. You should invite three interior designers to quote and offer some ideas. Ask each candidate to provide references and examples of their work. You need to “click” with your successful candidate and love their previous work.

The Process

A designer will meet with you at your home and workshop ideas that capture your personal preferences and tastes. They’ll also throw a critical eye over your home currently to understand what is working and where the work really needs to be undertaken.

Scope of Work

Great interior designers will deliver sketches, layout design, color, and fabric swatches and offer an estimate of costs before the work begins. 


A designer will work out a selection of color schemes from which to choose, and pick out appropriate lighting fixtures and furniture. They will also make these purchases for you or offer you options and make recommendations on where to purchase.

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