Home Security for Your Safety

Security is a critical feature of any home, giving you peace of mind and lower insurance premiums. It’s also an important asset when the time comes to sell your property.

There are many subtle strategies you can use to ensure the safety and security of your home without having to put bars on every window and give buyers the impression they’re in a dangerous neighborhood.


Below are some ideas to help you review your own home security arrangement and some items you may want to consider when building out your security system. 

Light it Up

Nothing deters an opportunist burglar more than motion sensitive security lighting. Talk to an electrician about the best position for your lights and sensor for the most effective coverage. Be mindful of your neighbors. No one wants a spotlight through their bedroom window. 

Say Cheese 

Security cameras are dropping in price all the time. Their battery power technology has become so effective that it takes no prior knowledge to install them. If you need mains power, call an electrician. Your cameras should connect to the internet, capturing footage and allowing you to access their vision 24/7 on your phone or computer.

Review Locks 

Over time, it’s easy to lose keys, especially to window locks, but these are inexpensive to replace and if you are selling, you’re expected to produce keys to all the locks. Make sure you lock the garden shed, where you might store expensive tools, and don’t leave your ladder outside, as that’s just helping any criminals get access to your home. 

Secret Code

If you want to enhance security and make an impression with prospective buyers, a smart lock on your front door is a good investment. These require a special PIN code, or they can be opened via a Bluetooth application or an old-school fashioned key!

Safety First 

It’s amazing how many folks leave a front door key under a flower pot or stone in case a family member finds themselves locked out. Seriously… you might as well leave the place unlocked. Instead, invest a few bucks in a key storage safe that can only be unlocked with a PIN or via Bluetooth with your phone. 

If you’re buying a previously owned home, have the security system inspected and remember to have the alarm company reset all codes and access.

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