Six Tips to Make Your Home Safe for Children

If you have toddlers and young children, you need to be confident your new home is child-friendly and safe for your kids.

Risks with swimming pools and spas are well-known, but danger can also lurk in the kitchen, bathroom, and at the top of the stairs, and being proactive can ensure you are safe rather than sorry.

Children in Kitchen

Below are some ways to make your home more child-friendly. All of these solutions are available at your local hardware or tool store. Consult your retailer for more ideas and product choices.

No Match for a Latch

Latches and catches are the perfect strategy to prevent children opening cupboards that might store chemicals, appliances, or sharps, such as knives and handy household tools. It’s also safest to store these types of materials high up so they cannot be reached by small fingers. 

Heat in the Kitchen

Many ovens feature a double pane door that shields heat. This means your toddler won’t be burned if they put their hands against the glass. Some new ovens circulate cool air between the panes to further reduce risk. Ovens should also have a door lock. For your fridge door, consider installing a latch so kids don’t swing on it.

Batten Down the Bathroom

Tap covers will prevent little ones turning on the hot water and scalding themselves or you may be able to set the temperature on your hot water service.  Make sure a child cannot climb into the bath on their own and install non-slip strips in the bath to minimise the risk of a fall.

Sharp Corners

Avoid buying furniture with sharp edges. Kids have a remarkable ability to find them – usually with their heads. Special cupboard safety devices can also ensure small fingers don’t get jammed in drawers. 

Stairway to Safety

Toddlers must be protected from falling down or climbing up the stairs. Install stairs and hallway gates for peace of mind.

Other Tips

Covers for electrical outlets will prevent children putting forks, knives and fingers where they shouldn’t. Door-stops can prevent kids getting their fingers caught in a doorjam if it swings shut, and doorknob covers prevent children entering rooms they shouldn’t.

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