Five Point Guide on Pest Control

One of the necessary evils of owning a home is regular pest inspections and pest control.

When you’re buying a resale house, it is essential to use an expert pest company to ensure no termites or other infestations are present that could compromise the integrity of the structure. Your home inspector can recommend some great companies as they typically work alongside WDI inspectors when they inspect your home. During the building process, homes are treated because of their exposure to nature before things are sealed up, but those treatments don’t last forever.

Pest Control

It’s common for homes to suffer invasions of ants and fleas, too, and these are also challenges that should be dealt with by the experts.

We recommend that you never wait for something to get out of control before ordering calling a pest control company. Being proactive can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in long run.

It’s good to schedule a visit once a year to keep everything in order, but we suggest you schedule a regular quarterly maintenance visit, with a yearly checkup to look for any problem areas that need corrected.

We’ve made a quick list of common issues that can require a pest control company visit. We hope it will help clarify when you should call in an expert rather than buy another spray can at the supermarket.

  • Cost of pest control – This depends on the infestation. Treatments vary greatly and you should always seek at least two competitive quotes for any major work. Remember, it is better to pay now for prevention than later for remediation.
  • Flea-sized problem – Commonly, these little critters come from your pets. Consult with your vet so you’re able to take preventative action and call in a pest controller. 
  • Rats and mice – A controller will deploy traps, baits, and powder. Usually, these vermin hang around because you’re providing a food source. Maybe you have fruit trees or tomato plants. Storing food such as potatoes and onions in open baskets at ground level is another invitation to a buffet. 
  • Ants and cockroaches – These often require monthly treatments from a pest controller over a period that can only be determined by the extent of the problem. Once under control, you can stay on top of the situation by using solutions available at hardware stores. Be aware that if you keep windows open in the evening, cockroaches will see the lights as an invitation and come inside.
  • Agh, spiders! – These guys are hard to eradicate. They usually find their way back to your home, although periodic treatments will keep most away. 
  • Scorpions – Terrifying creatures that they are, scorpions can be hard to get rid of if they are allowed to make your home theirs. Because of their hard exoskeletons, many of today’s common poisons don’t penetrate well enough to kill them. They especially love dark places like basements (or wine cellars). A good pest control company will help identify the access points and prevent that first, then work to eradicate the ones that have moved in.
  • Termites – Living in Texas, you’re bound to know someone that has had a termite problem. Termites can be hard to find as they like to keep to themselves inside your walls, silently working away at the wood they can find. Inspect for tell tale signs like tubes and granular bumps in corners and ceilings where they cover their holes.

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  1. Termites are a significant problem in most houses. They are one of the most unpredictable pests as they are so silent and live inside the walls. It will already be too late before you notice termites in your house. They might have already weakened the woods in your house. So to avoid this, make sure you do regular pest control. At least once every three months. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

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