The Platinum Rule

We’ve all heard the Golden Rule…it’s a ubiquitous phrase that appears in countless different ways throughout time, literature, and teachings. It’s the “gold standard” for how to treat people. Say it with us…

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What if we told you that we don’t follow the Golden Rule? What if instead we told you we live by the Platinum Rule?

The Platinum Rule

Do unto others as they would want done unto them.

It’s a simple change of focus, but it creates an entirely different worldview, one we think is the most important of all. We build homes for others, not for us. Sure, we do it as a business and we clearly want to be successful, but the focus isn’t on us when we build – it’s on you. Without you, we don’t exist.

That’s why our philosophy has always been to focus on you. Who you are, what you need, how you want your home to reflect your lifestyle. We could build box houses and churn them out and tell you “this is your home,” but that’s not how we conduct business…that’s not the builder we are.

We’re your builder. We build for you. With that in mind, we want you to get what you want out of this process. It’s why we started our “The Home You Deserve” campaign – it’s not about the home we want to build, it’s about the home you want built for you.

One of our favorite questions to ask when first sitting down with a potential client is, “What are you looking for in your custom builder?”

We don’t want to tell you what we’ll do for you, we want to find out what you need from us.

So when you’re ready to see how different the world can be when you live by the Platinum Rule, let’s talk about finally building the home you deserve.

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