The Home You Deserve

It all started one day during a meeting in which we were discussing why we thought we should be the builder a homebuyer chooses. We were discussing marketing, which is usually a rather dull subject, when we realized that all of the marketing we were seeing was focused on two things: the builder (eg. We Build Amazing Houses) and the buyers’ dreams (eg Let’s Build The Home of Your Dreams).

The problem we saw with that is that a) the builder isn’t building a home for themselves, they’re building it for the homeowner and b) isn’t it time to stop dreaming it…and start living it?

The idea seemed simple enough…we wanted to be the builder you called when you were ready to build the home you deserve. Not a dream home that doesn’t exist in reality. Not some builder’s idea of what you need. Definitely not a cookie cutter tract home (we’ve never wanted to build those). We wanted to conceptualize the conversations we’ve had with clients over the years and boil it down to it’s essence. We think we nailed it (pardon the pun).

The home you deserve is about more than the house, it’s about you and all you’ve accomplished in your life. It’s a direct reflection of you and what you’ve created. It’s not just some bedrooms and and a fancy kitchen, it’s a home that’s been thought out, crafted, customized, and created with who you are at the forefront. It’s truly your home.

You’ve worked hard. You’ve built a life for yourself and your loved ones that you’re proud of. Now it’s time to have the home that reflects all of that. A home that at it’s very core is all about you. A home that doesn’t define you…a home that is defined by you.

It’s time to stop dreaming…and start living.

It’s time to build…the home you deserve.

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