New Home…And A New Logo

A new home. Appropriate, don’t you think? As we outgrew our old website, we wanted to find a new place – something bigger and better with new upgrades and features. So we built it. Just like we do with our clients, we took a look inward and asked ourselves many of the same questions we ask you before we build your new home. The result? This website.

In addition to wanting some more space to grow and build, we also wanted to upgrade our look. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel or radically change our image, but we wanted to freshen things up. Much like the designs of homes changes with the times, we wanted our look to reflect the solid reputation we’ve built our business on and we wanted to incorporate the more modern, clean lines approach that home design has moved toward. The result? A new logo.

McNair Custom Homes - New Logo 2021

We’re loving the fresh new look. Thanks to our friends at Candlelight Creative for understanding what we wanted and making it happen.

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