Building A Home? Here’s What’s Worth Splurging On!

One of the most common concerns people have about building a custom home is staying on a budget. Even if you’re ready to go big with your new home, there are still smart ways to watch your wallet. But we’ve got a list of splurge-worthy items that will make your investment shine.

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We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen. From cooking to entertaining to kids’ homework to unwinding with family, the kitchen sees a lot of traffic. As (most likely) the busiest room in your home, you’ll want quality products that can withstand daily wear and tear. As you plan, plan for this extra traffic and make sure you’re building a kitchen that can stand well against these factors.


As you work with your builder on the features for your home, consider extra storage. Naturally, as your family grows and changes, you’ll acquire more “stuff.” Plan for extra closets, shelving, overhead garage storage, and other areas of the home that make sense for your family’s hobbies and activities. You’ll be glad to have the extra functionality further down the road.

Electric Outlets

This may not be on the top of your list as you plan your custom home, but think about how often you’ve wished you had a closer or more convenient outlet. Wouldn’t it be great to open a bathroom cabinet and plug your hair dryer or flat iron in? Or to be able to charge your phone in an integrated USB port outlet while you watch television?


Spending more on energy-efficient windows will save you money in the long run on heating and cooling costs. When it’s time to sell your home, buyers will see high-quality windows as a huge asset for the same reasons. This splurge gives you a high return on investment. If you go with Energy Star-rated products, you may even qualify for tax credits and rebates.


Again, energy efficiency is important. Splurging on high-quality appliances means you don’t have to replace them often, but it also means that you’re getting better energy and water efficiency, which also saves money.

Light Fixtures

The right lighting can completely change a room. Good lighting – the right lighting – is something you and your guests will notice each time you enter a room.


Cheap paint shows up in brush marks, inconsistent thickness, and easy wear and tear. Good, name-brand paint will apply more smoothly, leaving a beautiful finish you can be proud to show off.

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