Go Green At Home

If you’re a home owner, take a look at these energy-friendly tips. You’ll be lowering your bills and helping the environment all at once! Small changes can make a big difference!

Go Green

Lighting and Electronics

  1. Switch to Energy Star CFL bulbs, which use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than standard lightbulbs. This small change will make a big impact on your utility bill.
  2. Replace light switches with dimmers to save big throughout the year.
  3. Turn off electronics completely before going to bed. Many electronic devices, like computers, have a standby mode, but by powering down completely, you’ll help prevent the draw of extra electricity.


  1. Run a full dishwasher when you can. You’ll use less water than if you wash by hand, and you won’t be wasting water on an half-empty load.
  2. You can purchase a faucet water filter for around $30. Give up bottled water and use refillable bottles instead.
  3. Replace your showerhead to a unit with a lower flow – it could save up to $45 each month!
  4. A leaky faucet could be wasting over 50,000 gallons per year! Fix it and save!
  5. Washing machines use a large amount of energy on heating water – set the machine to cold to save energy!

Reuse And Recycle

  1. Roll up old magazines to stick inside boots to help your footwear keep its shape.
  2. Old jam and baby food jars are perfect for storage for small items like nails and screws, bobby pins, thumb tacks, and other small items – plus they look a lot nicer!
  3. Coffee grounds can promote healthy plants! Spread your old grounds over your flower beds and watch your landscaping flourish!

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