Texas Homestead Exemption – Deadline April 30

If you bought a home in the past year or have never filed for your homestead tax exemption, you still have time to take advantage of the Homestead Exemption. If you lived in your home as of January 1, 2017, and the home is your primary residence, you can file to receive this break on your property tax.

Pool Time

While often called an appraised value, the taxable value of your home is more appropriately called a taxed assessed value. An appraisal is conducted by an appraiser licensed by the state of Texas in conjunction with a home loan to determine a home’s fair market value.

The homestead tax exemption lowers the taxable value of your home. In order to claim the homestead tax exemption, you must fill out the Application for Residential Homestead Exemption (PDF file) and sent into your local appraisal district. Be sure to fill out the form completely and read the instructions carefully โ€“ there are several items that you are required to furnish in addition to the completed form.

The deadline to file is April 30. You can find Exemption forms on most county websites. We’ve compiled the information for Bexar and surrounding counties below.

Bexar County | 210-224-8511 | www.bcad.org
Comal County | 830-625-8597 | www.comalad.org
Guadalupe County | 830-303-3313 | www.guadalupead.org
Medina County | 830-741-3035 | www.medinacountytx.org
Bandera County | 830-796-3039 | www.banderaproptax.org
Kendall County | 830-249-8012 | www.kendallad.org
Hays County | 512-268-2522 | www.hayscad.org

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