Your April Garden

It’s April – a beautiful time to be outside in South Central Texas. The weather is wonderful.

April Garden

So, What Should You Plant In April?

Fruit: Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Watermelon (in the end of the month)

Vegetables: Eggplant, Lima Beans, Beets, Spinach, Radishes, and Summer Squash

Herbs: Chives, Sesame, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme

Annuals: Cosmos, Cypress Vine, Gourds, Impatiens, Mooflower, Sunflower, Periwinkles, and Zinnias

Perennials: LOTS! Including Black-eyed Susan, Coneflower, Shasta Daisy, Lantana, Plumbago and Salvia

This is also your last chance to plant trees before the fall!

Lawn Care

You probably haven’t had to mow much during the cooler months in San Antonio, Boerne, and surrounding areas. Now, after two spring mows, you’ll want to fertilize the lawn. A nitrogen fertilizer will be the most beneficial. You can also fertilize flowers and vegetable beds, especially if this is your first year gardening in a particular area of your yard.


Pay close attention to weeds, pulling and treating before they have a chance to spread. Add compost and mulch to bare soil areas – weeds love bare soil. Monitor your garden for harmful insects like aphids and stinkbugs so you can control the situation early.

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