What Makes A Modern Home?

Open floor plans, natural lighting, sleek design, bold lines – these features are all characteristics of beautiful modern architecture. Modern design has increased in popularity every year, and by our figures, it’s not going anywhere. Even though modern homes can vary greatly in style, there are some qualities you can expect to find in each of these homes.

Modern Home

Clean Lines

Clean, geometric lines and shapes give any home a more modern feel. Modernist values highlight simplicity of form. You’ll find this in structural elements, floor tiles, decor items, and more.

Modern Materials

Look for large windows to bring natural light into a home. Modern interiors also favor exposed building materials like wood beams, brick walls, concrete floors, and stone elements.

Green Upgrades

A truly modern home takes the environment into account. These homes are built for technological updates like solar power, energy efficient appliances and even minimalist landscaping, like xeriscaping or lawns that feature local flora and fauna.

Low-Pitched Roof

Classic modern homes ditch the steep-sloped roofs in favor of flat or low-pitched roofs. (Inspectors absolutely love this trend!)Some even utilize the rooftop space for entertaining or gardening.

Open Floor Plan

You won’t find too many enclosed spaces in a modern home. Kitchen, dining, and living areas all flow into one another in an open floor plan.

Does a modern house design suit your personality and style? Or do you prefer a more traditional approach? Either way, McNair Custom Homes can build you the home of your dreams. Get in touch today!

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