February Home Maintenance

When it comes to your home, waiting to fix problems when they pop up can lead to a lot of stress and financial strain. We’ve put together a list of monthly tasks that will keep you on top of home maintenance and cleaning so you can avoid frustration!


All Over

  • Touch up nicks and chips in wall paint throughout your home. You’ll love the clean and fresh feel you get.
  • Look for leaks, both in your roofing and in your plumbing, and check your foundations for cracks that can cause big problems when spring rains pour on your home.
  • Fill holes in your drywall. Holes may turn into bigger cracks and cost you a ton for repairs.
  • ​Test CO and smoke detectors and replace the batteries. These save lives, so you’ll definitely want fresh batteries. Even better, upgrade to smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors so you’ll always know when something isn’t right.


  • Clean out your medicine cabinet. Keeping old medications on hand is dangerous. Contact your local police department or waste management facility to see if there’s a medication drop-off for safe disposal.
  • Deep clean the refrigerator, pantry and garbage disposal. Empty your food storage areas and scrub the areas down with disinfectant. White vinegar and baking soda will also clean your food surfaces without introducing them to chemicals.
  • Cut down on clutter by organizing your junk drawer and tupperware – two areas that easily get out of control.

Living Areas and Bedrooms

  • Dry clean or wash your bedspread, duvet covers, shams, etc. Dust mites can accumulate on being and draperies, causing allergies, mold, and more.
  • Change indoor lights and light bulbs. If possible, replace all light bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs.
  • Check door knobs and hinges for loose screws and tighten as needed.
  • Clean wood floors and look for any spots that might need a quick fix for scratches.

Laundry/Utility Room

  • Clean lint from the dryer exhaust duct. Driers are one of the main causes of household fires because of built-up lint. Your lint trap should be cleaned each time you do a load of laundry. Your exhaust duct should be cleaned once every two months.
  • ​Reorganize your laundry room for space and efficiency. Scrape old laundry detergent from your washer, replace damaged bins, throw away products you never use, and store the rest in out-of-reach places to protect children and pets.


  • Sanitize faucets using bathroom spray with bleach to get rid of germs.
  • Check caulking around sink, tub, and tile. Scrub away mold and check for leaks.


  • Ensure street numbers are visible on your home. Emergency responders need to see your house numbers to reach you, so make sure they’re not obstructed.
  • Clean windows. With sunny spring days headed our way, you’ll be happy to let more light into your home.

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