Meeting The Neighbors

Moving can cause a lot of stress on your family and lifestyle. Along with moving your furniture and possessions and people, you must adapt to your new surroundings. Making friends with your new neighbors can often be one of the more intimidating parts of a big move. Here’s how you can make it a little more comfortable.

Meeting the Neighbors

Find the โ€œCommon Groundโ€

Find out where people gather and make a point to do the same. It may be a neighborhood pool, nearby park or library, or community center. Take some time to pay attention to the activities of your neighborhood. Do people stop to talk during a morning or evening walk? Do they sit on the porch at the end of the day? Notice their patterns and make sure you’re available during the right times to say hello.

Connect Through Kids

Most parents know that children are a great way to make meeting people easier. Take notice of children in the neighborhood the tmay be the same age as yours. Introduce yourselves to the family together. You can also volunteer at school, sign up for neighborhood teams, and more to connect with other families.

Be Available

If you’re too busy unpacking and settling in, neighbors may feel uncomfortable stopping by for a visit. Take your breaks by spending time sitting on the porch, spending time in the yard, or walking the dog. If you’re visibly available, neighbors won’t feel like they’re imposing.

Be a Good Neighbor

Be considerate on day one by being aware of where you’re parking your car and moving truck so that you’re new neighbors aren’t inconvenienced. Be courteous and gracious if neighbors stop by to visit. In fact, it may be a good idea to unpack your coffee maker and a few mugs so you can welcome unexpected visitors, even amidst the chaos of a move.

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