Look For These 5 Home Decor Trends in 2018

A new year brings the feeling of freshness and potential. And these feelings don’t just affect our personal resolutions. The design world is abuzz with 2018’s biggest trends.

Home Decor Trends

As usual, Houzz is ahead of the game when it comes to style forecasts. Based on the opinions of industry experts as well as the popularity of certain luxury design trends, as well as trends among its 40 million monthly users, Houzz compiled a list of the most likely interior design trends of 2018.

Kitchens in Color

You can’t go wrong with the classic white kitchen, but designers expect 2018 to bring rich wood tones and neutral grays and blues to infuse the most popular room in the home with additional warmth.

Warm Colors Throughout

Look for warm tones throughout the home to be a big deal in the coming year. Cooler neutrals will make way for rust, camel, charcoal, and woodsy browns, among others.

Say Goodbye to White and Stainless Steel Sinks

Farmhouse Style will stay strong in 2018, and we can expect that look to make its way to other parts of the home, like the bathroom. Keep an eye out for different materials, like concrete, copper, and stone to bring a more natural look into the home.


No surprise here, as florals have been making a splash for a long time. It’s popularity won’t wane anytime soon. Look for big floral prints, bright colors, and unexpected pairings in wallpaper, pillows, blankets, and more.

Vintage Light Fixtures

If you’ve noticed a surge in nostalgia and retro items in the last few months, you aren’t alone. And this interest in vintage materials spreads to the home, of course. Whether you’re into art deco or 60s mod, embrace the old (with it’s modern updates!) and you’ll be in style.

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