Help Buyers Love Your Home

When a buyer makes an offer on your home, they’ve based their decision on a lot of factors – but they’re usually thinking more with their heart and less with their head. Buying a home is largely an emotional decision and this is something that sellers can take advantage of to sell their home quickly and for a great price. So how can you make sure buyers fall in love with your home?

Love Your Home

Great Photos

Strong photography is crucial in the selling process. Most home buyers have already started searching for homes online before they contact a real estate agent. Your own Realtor can help guide you in preparing your home for photography. Before working with an agent, ask if home photography is something they provide or something they expect you to pay for.

Curb Appeal

Even if your home has made the first cut in a buyer’s online search, you’ll want it to make a good in-person impression. You want the feelings they have when they’ve seen the photos to match the experience they have when they encounter your home for hte first time. Give your exterior a facelift by cleaning up the yard, trimming trees and bushes, planting flowers, power washing and painting the home.

Clean and De-Personalize

Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in a home. To make this easier, remove your personal items. These include family photos, items with your names or monograms, family calendars, etc. You’ll also want to eliminate any polarizing items, like political or religious paraphernalia, or even sports collectibles. Pack or store unnecessary items to remove all clutter, giving your buyers a chance to see their own belongings fitting in.

Use the Senses

Our senses play an incredible part in appealing to a buyer. Fill the air with nice aromas – fresh flowers, baking cookies, coffee. Use soft, neutral colors and textures to help your home feel warm and inviting so that potential buyers feel relaxed and happy.


This can be a struggle for sellers – it’s so hard to put a price on a home you’ve loved and lived in. The right price, however, will put an interested buyer into the “love” category pretty quickly. The most important part of the process is working with an agent you can trust to price your home at fair market value to sell while giving you a great advantage as a seller.

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