An Organized Home Is Closer Than You Think

An organized home doesn’t have to seem like a far-off fantasy! If it seems daunting just to think about tackling the clutter, we’ve got some steps that help break it down.

Organized Home

Start With The Biggest Problem

Take a moment to inspect and analyze the area of your home that gives you the most trouble or causes the most stress. Once you’ve tackled the biggest problem, you’ll feel a sense of relief AND your other tasks will seem much easier to take on.

Be Realistic About Time

Unless you plan on staying up all night, don’t start reorganizing your walk-in closet at 8pm or you could be going to sleep with a bigger mess than you started with. With each task you take on, set realistic goals and time limits so you don’t get discouraged or add more work for later.

Save Time With Shortcuts

Shortcuts aren’t always a bad thing. You can find great organization hacks online, like these 10 ideas from Time To Organize. What’s great about each of these is that they are simple, quick, and give you a feeling of conquering more than you have. A few little changes can help you feel like you’re on your way to a more organized space.

Handle It Only Once

Here’s your new mantra: “Handle It Only Once.” Don’t move those papers from one side of the counter to the other. Don’t put laundry on the stairs to carry up later. Handle each item ONE time only and you’ll be surprised how much more easily things stay in order.

Take Care Of Things The Night Before

If you’re feeling rushed in the morning, quit waiting for morning to come before tackling the tasks at hand. Struggling to get the kids to school on time? Make lunches before you go to bed, find shoes and socks and set them by the door. By adding 5 or 10 minutes to your evening routine, you’ll be setting yourself up for a much calmer and more organized morning.

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